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Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q]

1. Which material are you using to make these PPE?
Answer: 100% Polyester Woven Fabric with Protective Finishes.

2. Type of Coating?
Answer: Breathable Poly-Urethane Coating.

3. Coating Layer Number?
Ans: 2.

4. Is this adequate for Dental Aerosol Procedures?
Answer: YF + Rakshak range of Coveralls are designed specially for Aerosol Procedures.

5. Do you provide Gloves & Mask inclusive with the kit?
Answer: No we don't. We don't sell Gloves but we do sell Mask separately.

6. PPE Kit is Sitra Approved?

Answer: Fabric is SITRA approved. Kit is designed for comfortable working for long durations.

7. Is it Autoclavable? If Yes, which temperature?
Ans: Yes. Autoclavable. Up to 135 degrees, 35 PSI. 3-8 mins.

8. How you claim 30 Wash or autoclave?
Ans: We have 30 wash and Autoclave Certificate from TUV Lab.

9. What is the GSM of PPE ?
Ans: 80 GSM.

10. Weight of PPE Kit?
Ans: Around 480 grams.

11. COD is available?
Ans: Yes, COD is available now.

12. Why it is overpriced compared to market?
Ans: It is not overpriced, fabric used in this product is washable and can be used up to 30 times due to washable and autoclavable property of the fabric.