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Personal Protective Clothing [PPC - Full Kit]


Rs. 1,046.00

Overcoat + Pants :

YF+ overcoat is a designed to be a quick and safe solution for moderate and low risk users. The design features are: 

    • Velcro sealing for complete lock.
    • Quick & easy to use.
    • Elastic closures to safety and fit.
    • Adjustable neck straps for comfort and safety.
    • Light weight and comfortable fabric.

     Shoe Cover:

    • Protection of your feet from viruses and bacteria on the floor.
    • Durable and Strong fabric with high tenacity for multiple usage.
    • Elastic closure for easy wearing and fit.

       Face Shield :

        • First Line of Protection against all infections.
        • Wide shield for full light and good visibility.
        • Changeable plastic shield.
        • Light weight and durable frame.
        • Elastic strap for easy fit.

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